Fresh Air Guide ranked Oransi Max #1 Air Purifier for Dust Removal Year 2020

The Winner of our 2020 Award goes to the Oransi Max.

This air filter comes with one of the best HEPA filters money can buy. As you may not already be aware of, The HEPA filter is the workhorse of any good air purifier. This is the filter that’s designed to catch even the tiniest, microscopic dust particles so they don’t make it into your respiratory system.

To accompany the award winning HEPA Filter, this Oransi air purifier also comes fitted with a control sensor that’s designed to monitor the dust levels in your room and adjust it’s purifying force accordingly.

Whilst it may not be the cheapest option in town, if you really want the best dust air purifier, this is the unit to buy.

Able to service a room up to 600 sqft, it’s perfectly capable of cleaning most large rooms. Actually, it’s a good option for a bedroom, as it’s also very quiet, even on high fan settings.

Discover Max v-HEPA Air Purifier the best air purifier for bedrooms by Oransi.

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