Where is the origin of this product?

Oransi is fully owned by Oransi LLC, a company incorporated in the USA which focuses on indoor air quality.

How much maintenance does the device need?

You are only advised to replace its filters every 12 months for most of our models. Please refer to the individual models for more details.

Who is Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)?

Basically, AHAM is similar to the Malaysia SIRIM. They are the body who runs all the test and certify the home appliances as safe for consumer usage. For indoor air purifiers, they will test the units for its CADR and the ENERGY STAR ratings so that consumers can rest assure that the appliance are labelled according to its performance and efficiency level.

What is Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) ratings?

CADR is an indication of the volume of filtered air delivered by a portable air purifier. It describes how well the cleaner reduces tobacco smoke, pollen and dust. Normally, the unit used is cubic feet per minute (CFM).

What is Air Change per Hour (ACH)?

ACH indicates how many times per hour will the air purifier device exchange the air within a room. An indication of 2X would mean that the full air volume is exchanged 2 times every hour so the higher the rating would mean the more frequent the air in the room is purified.

Why does HEPA filter turn black after some certain time of usage?

HEPA filters are designed so that it allows air to pass through it while capturing fine dust particles down to a very small microscopic size which is not visible to the naked eyes. As time passes, these fine particulates will be trapped and accumulated and that is why the HEPA filter will gradually turn darker in color until all the surface area are filled up and it will be completely black.

Why does the filters last 12 months when the majority of air purifier devices are asked to change its filters every 4 to 6 months?

Filter lifespan basically depend on how much impurity the surrounding air quality has and the amount of impurities captured by it. Oransi’s filters last 12 months because of its media thickness which is capable in capturing more impurities as compared to thinner air filters that clogs up quicker.

Does the thickness of HEPA filter make any difference?

The surface area of a HEPA filter and its quality plays a main role. With more surface area to capture fine particulates, the filter will last longer. This can be visualize by filling up a container, with a constant and similar water flow, it takes a longer time to fill up a 10L container if compared to filling up a 3L container.


Can HEPA filters be washed or clean so that it can be reused?

HEPA filters are made out of loosely and randomly interlaced fibres’ that are built not to take any stress or heavy particulates. Washing it with water will definitely destroy its structure and its function to capture and trapped microscopic size particulates even though it still looks good and workable after washing. You may however use a vacuum cleaner to gently vacuum through the surface to capture the loose particulates which is not tightly trapped within. Ultimately, you need to change it when all these particulates are trapped in all available surface area of the HEPA filter.

Doesn’t all air purifier cleans the air from smoke and smell?

No. Most air purifiers will include only the HEPA filter that will only help to clean the air from fine particulates. This does not mean that it will get rid of awful and unwanted smell like cigarette smoke or rancid smell. Only air purifiers which has active carbon filter will eliminate bad and unwanted odour and some will eliminate harmful gas as well.

Does activated carbon filter have its lifespan?

Similarly to the concept of HEPA filter capturing microscopic sized particulates, the activated carbon filters works the same way. There will be a limit where these gas and chemical molecules occupies the amount of space inside the activated carbon and gets trapped inside. When these spaces are fully occupied, the activated carbon would not be able to capture there odour causing molecules in the air and that would be the time to change the filter. Unfortunately, we are unable to measure how much space is left or how long will it still work in these activated carbon filters. The best way to tell is when it takes a longer time to get rid of bad smell in the room. Basically, it will last for a period of 12 months; give or take.



What happens when filters are not changed and replaced?

Both HEPA and activated carbon filter will not capture particulates and odour molecules anymore. The air flow will be reduced and blocked due to congestion of these spaces available in the filters, making its fan blower over work and this will eventually damage the fan motor causing it to stop functioning altogether.

Why doesn’t Oransi have other additional functions like dehumidifier or insect repellent frequencies?

In Oransi, we believe that an air purifier is suppose to function mainly as an air purifier. Any other additional function which a device have other that what it is meant for will affect the efficiency of the air purification process. Imagine owning an air purifier which does not function because its other features are faulty.

Where do I purchase any Oransi products?

  • Purchase our products directly at our online store
  • Selected products are available at Lazada
  • Message us via WhatsApp, WeChat or LINE at +6012 800 3100 (for messaging only)
  • Send us your orders via Email
  • Visit our showroom at No 21-A, Jalan 20/16 Paramount Garden, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
  • Catch us during exhibitions and events by following our Facebook page

What are the types of payment method available?

  • Cash
  • Credit Card – single transaction
  • Credit Card – Easy Payment Plan (EPP) for Hong Leong Bank Bhd credit card holders ONLY (6 months / 12 months) for purchases above RM 500.00 (does not apply to online purchase payment)
  • Bank Transfer – IBG and IBFT
  • Direct Debit with standing instruction – ONLY for corporate clients

I am interested to become a reseller or an agent, how do I proceed?

We welcome anyone who is interested in selling our product at their local stores, regardless of it being a physical retail shop, in a market place or even online. Kindly click on the link below and let us know what type of reseller you are and where do you intend to sell our products?